Kosher – No Mashgiach

We aim to offer meals that conform to Jewish Kosher standards. Our meals are “Kosher”, but without a “Mashgiach” (kosher rabbinical supervision).

The owner/chef grew up in an orthodox Jewish home, and is knowledgeable of the Halakcha rules for keeping a kitchen and cooking process in line with Jewish tradition.

All the food is prepared in a Kosher kitchen, using only kosher ingredients. The meat is purchased from certified kosher venders. The food is never cooked on high Jewish Holidays (Shabbat and Chag.) We maintain a separation of meat and dairy ingredients.

We prefer to keep the cooking “Kosher – No Mashgiach”, which conforms the needs of most.

If you have any question about the kosher or food preparation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.